Letterpress : visit at Ateliers André

I recently asked the Ateliers André to print my new business card – an opportunity to pay a visit to this high place of printing and engraving.

Ateliers André settled in 1931 in the heart of Belleville, a popular area in the east of Paris, in the beautiful scenery of the old court of the Sisters of St. Louis hospital. Their core business being traditional craft skills, they have never ceased to operate their letterpresses. As this technique has a renewed interest among designers, this uninterrupted experience makes them privileged interlocutors.


Letterpress_1 Letterpress_2 Letterpress_3 Letterpress_4 Letterpress_5 Letterpress_6 Letterpress_7

I chose the paper Natural Cotton 320 g, a magnificient paper created by Zuber, a French paper-maker actually specializing in wall papers hand painted. I urge you to take a look at the incredible achievement of this house, who has  been officiating uninterruptedly for over two centuries.

Letterpress_8 Letterpress_9 Letterpress_10 Letterpress_11

Typefaces in used here: Mazette et Mihaly.



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