Saline royale

Corporate identity and communication materials design for Saline royale – Cité des utopies, season 2011-2012. Run by Véronique Barcelo, this cultural meeting center is a place for dialogue between the worlds of arts, philosophy, sciences and economy.

  • Graphic Design: Bruno Bernard, with Odile Thomas-Chalmandrier
  • Typeface: Mihaly

Saline_royale_03small-00Saline royale_2Saline royale_2bis Saline royale_3 Saline royale_4 Saline royale_5 Saline royale_6 Saline royale_7 Saline royale_8 Saline royale_9 Saline royale_10 Saline royale_11 Saline royale_12