Elegant and sharp display typeface, Mazette was originally developed for my own visual identity.

Royaumont 2017

Design of the communication media for Royaumont foundation season 2017.

Royaumont 2016

Redesign of Fondation Royaumont visual identity and creation of communication media for 2016 season.

La Défense 2020

Signage design for the La Defense 2020 exhibition, on the esplanade of La Défense near Paris.

Saline royale

Corporate identity and communication materials design for Saline royale – Cité des utopies, season 2011-2012.


Adso typeface came out of a personal research that questions the possibility of reintroducing blackletter scripts in contemporary usage.


Typeface for MGET’s corporate identity.

Fontevraud / Marie

Signage design for the Marie-Madeleine-Gabrielle de Rochechouart Mortemart permanent exhibition at Fontevraud Abbey. 


Typeface originally created to set the signage of same name exhibition, Mihaly is a geometric sans-serif with simple and modern forms.

Fontevraud / Trésor

Signage design for the Salle du Trésor permanent exhibition at Fontevraud Abbey.


Modular display typeface.

So Contemporary

Poster of an exhibition on young artists in Japan, Kanazawa Citizen’s Art Center.


Typeface for the consulting agency Quadrant’s visual identity.


Exhibition of photographer Illes Sarkantyu at French Cultural Institute in Budapest.

Fichés ?

Signage and communication materials design for this exhibition at Archives nationales in Paris.


Typeface designed for Domaine de Montille’s wines.


Typeface created for the french railways (SNCF) signage. It was designed to improve accessibility to facilitate their travel to visually impaired passengers.


Pictographic character for the visual identity of theatre company Side One Posthume Théâtre (Pascal Rambert).